Hi! I’m St. Catharines photographer Christopher Ross and I’ve been taking pictures for as long as I can remember.

I fell in love with photography by making my own pinhole cameras in the 1970’s and have pursued the passion ever since.

Black and white picture Darcie with a Cowboy hat St. Catharines photographer

During school trips, I was the kid documenting it, in high school I took photos for the school newspaper and yearbooks, my passion for design, light, colour, and patterned turned from simply capturing moments to creating them in studio and when I received my first SLR camera, I was hooked. I simply loved the feeling of turning moments into memories.

After high school, I went to school for Communications, and worked for most of my earlier career in marketing, advertising, and website design with a passion for bringing photography to each of my projects.  I learned how to create images, take my time to compose cleanly, and focus on the story behind the portraits. I learnt to grow, professionally and personally, to do what makes a good image great.

I live in St. Catharines Ontario, and photograph people, places, and things, throughout the Niagara region. I offer wedding photography, portraits, and creative services for professionals here in the region.

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